The Agency of Investment Consulting provides next services to their clients:









  • Compiling of investment projects and business plans
  • Elaborating company’s development programs
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Management
  • Initiatory Audit
  • Institutional Consulting
  • Marketing Research
  • Developing Marketing Programs
  • Working out of the program of actions for region power savings




Compiling of investment projects and business plans
We develop business plans, financial models and investment memorandums according to particular financial institution or private investor requirements.

Elaborating company’s development programs
Our specialists devise strategic methods and programs for client success in competitive markets. We offer individually designed programs with all necessary calculations of the effectiveness for every event in this program.

Asset Management
Our specialists help to work out effective and individually tailored strategy for every particular objective.

Financial Analysis
It is impossible to manage finances, without proper professional financial analysis. We help our clients to make sound decisions based on methods and instruments of financial analysis.

Due Diligence
We provide full scale expertise of the company that includes financial analyses, analysis and correction of accounting documentation according to Russian Tax authorities’ requirements, analysis of taxation and legal expertise.

Risk Management
To minimize uncertainty during the process of materialization of the investment project it is important to pay particular attention to Risk Management. Our company provides system solutions to our clients in the field of Risk Management.

Working out of the program of actions for region power savings

Assistance in carrying out of competent power technological inspection enterprise (power audit), working out of the Power passport of the enterprise. Definition of the general requirements for power saving up means and the technologies deducing region on parameters of power savings, and necessary volumes of financial maintenance of their realization with definition of reduction of cost made in region electric and thermal energy. Definition of a power policy of region on prospect. Assistance in working out of the program of increase of power efficiency and power savings. Working out of feasibility reports for reception of investments it agree the Federal law №261 and assistance in giving of corresponding offers-statements.